Green Hills Kennel

2207 Bandywood Lane
Nashville, TN 37215



Dogs: Each dog is provided with their own enclosure that is approximately 3x10 and 5x10, upon check in. This allows them to have their own space while still be able to smell, hear, and see the other dogs staying with us. We provide food bowls, water buckets, and kuranda beds in their runs. Our food is a tummy friendly brand for no extra charge, but you are welcome to bring your own food. Each dog is taken to our outdoor exercise area 3 times a day, and (if requested) your dog may participate in group play in between walks. 


Cats: Our cats are provided with a private room to minimize disturbances and stress. Each cat has their own enclosure where they can sleep, eat and relax. We also provide bedding and tummy friendly food, litter boxes, food bowls and water bowls.You are welcome to bring your own if you would like. If your cat gets along others they can play in a group. However, if they prefer to be by themselves our staff is happy to keep them entertained one-on-one.

We are able to administer oral and topical medications, but we do not accept pets that require injectable medications.

All pets must be current on vaccines in order to board